Powerstep Insoles Walmart
Powerstep Insoles Walmart

The Powerstep pinnacle full-length insole shoe is rated as one of the top inserts for plantar fasciitis.

This orthotic is made of polypropylene stuff with an EVA foam base and twin layer cushioning for included comfort and protection.

Features Powerstep Insoles

Fit profile

The Powerstep Pinnacle is a complete length console with a pretty lighter volume profile than Superfeet, Spenco, and others.

This makes it capable of fitting comfortably in most of your footwear.

These insoles are marketed for women and men and are accessible in a wide range of sizes.

Actually, they are provided in more size choices than most competing brands.

Arch Support

The Powerstep pinnacle has higher arch support. Many find these to be more perfect for high and medium arches than those with flat feet.

The arch may be quite uncomfortable for those over-pronators with sensitive feet, and a little break-in period might be necessary for them.

But for the rest, the support is best for those with heel pain and foot pain exacerbated by a deficiency of stability.

Powerstep Insoles Walmart
Powerstep Insoles Walmart

Heel cup

The Pinnacle insole is made with a fairly deep and well-rounded heel cup. When gathered with a high arch contour, you get the best amount of stability.

It also has lots of cushions in the back, so your heel does not feel like it is sitting on unforgiving and hard plastic.

You actually get some relief, which will likely help those after spending a full day on their feet.


The Powerstep pinnacle is intended for use in those who need more stability and support than their present insoles provide.

It is versatile enough to use almost any conditioning, including work, casual dress up, and even some athletic wear.

ProTech Orthotics

PowerStep’s ProTech orthotics are podiatrist-designed and exclusively distributed to medical professionals for in-office dispensing.

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