Pronation and Supination
Pronation and Supination

Supination – during normal gait immediately before ‘take-off’ from the toes, the ankle tends to angle outwards and the foot is supported briefly on its outer side.

Over supination can cause the ankle to roll over towards the outer side, with possible ligament damage.

Furthermore, people with one of those foot conditions, pronation, or supination need to look for footwear with extra support and cushioning to prevent extra stress on the legs and prevent injuries and alleviate pain and discomfort that is connected with foot problems.

Under pronation or excessive supination is a problem that occurs when foot leans towards the outside and weight is distributed on the outside of your foot which reduces natural shock-absorbing capability.



Pronation is a combination of eversion and abduction movements taking place in the tarsal and metatarsal joints and resulting in a lowering of the medial margin of the foot, hence of the longitudinal arch.

In other words, the lowering of the medial edge of the foot by turning it outward and through abduction in the tarsal and metatarsal joints.

That is a sequence during normal gait after the heel hits the ground, the ankle tends to angle inwards, the foot is supported briefly on its an inner side, the arch tends to flatten whilst weight is transferred progressively forwards towards the toes.

Supination is connected with the forefoot area and pronation affects and is connects with the heels. Pronation affects ankles and calves while supination makes damage mainly on the arches.

Supinate hits people with high arches while people with flat feet and lower arches tend to get overpronate. Both conditions, supination and pronation are movements that need balance to get the body in natural posture and living without pain.

Cause of supination and excessive supination

Supination is usually inherited, structural problems that cause it. But there is a list of factors that also make a role in this condition like genetics, leg length, foot width and ankle stability, the shape of the foot is the genetical moment that can increase risk of supination.

Supination can be caused by some previous injuries, damages and trauma that your leg has been trough.

Problems can be connected with the muscles, tendons, ligaments that are overworked or as the result of damage after effect or sprained ankle.

Excessive supination can be something you are carrying from your childhood. But also can be a result of some earlier injury or overworked muscles, ligaments, tendons that are connected with an ankle.

Supination and overpronation long term effects

Supination and overpronation long term effects

Those both conditions can cause few problems connected with muscle-skeletal pain and dysfunctions such as foot and arch pain; plantar fasciitis; Achilles tendonitis; tight and painful calves; rolled or sprained ankles; shin splints; certain knee problems and knee pain; tight hip flexors and hamstrings; tight and sore hips or buttocks; acute or chronic lower back pain and herniated discs.

How to determine supination

There are a few simple steps to determine if you do have supination. Examine a pair of your old walking or running shoes.

Find the wear pattern on the outsoles of your shoes.

Look for excessive wear on the outsole’s inside edge. If this exists, you have overpronation. This foot pattern is more common than the pattern for too much supination. Choose a new pair of shoes that have a straight last.

Moreover, seek excessive wear on the outside edge of your outsole after you rule out overpronation.

If this exists you have a supinator, or underpronation, pattern.

Purchase shoes with extra cushioning and a curved last if you have a supination pattern.

Choose shoes for a normal pronation pattern if you have a wear pattern that goes from the outside edge of your outsole’s heel toward the outsole’s center at the forefoot.

Most people have this type of foot pattern, according to NDSU. Your shoes should have a semi-curved last.

Excessive supination effects

Excessive supination effects
Excessive supination effects

If you have supination your body will become more sensitive to injuries because of reducing shock absorption and biomechanical body efficiency that is making your push off less effective.

Whole-body is affected because of those conditions, there is extra pressure on your muscles and joints and that makes whole body alignment suffer.

Also; there is a much higher risk of getting ankle sprain because they are under constant strain that is more than normal pressure that goes on the legs. There is a list of problems that can happen like knee problems, ligament damage, stress fractures, shin splints, back pain, and increased metatarsal pronation.

How to choose shoes for supination

Cushioning is one of the biggest factors, high and concave arches need an extra layer of cushioning and a cushioned midsole that will give your leg maximum support. Straighter instep shape controls inward motion especially if you get personalize orthotics and insoles.

If you add lateral heel wedges they will stabilize your heel and keep your foot from rolling in and out.

When you wear correct shoes for your feet problem that helps in reducing pain, risk of injuries, and making damage to the other parts of your body and also does positive effect on your body balance and posture.

Excessive supination – features of a good footwear

  • extra layers of cushioning
  • shock absorption capabilities
  • arch support

Choose shoes without a motion control system, medial support posts and hard midsoles and all the other stabilizing systems and features.

Running shoes for supination

New Balance M1080v8 for men and women are running shoes that have support features and layers of comfort to make perfect shoes for supination. Those shoes can be worn for casual everyday walks but also for running.

New balance M1080v8

New Balance M1080v8 are manufactured from high-quality fabric materials that are breathable in ombre fade design and lace keeper overlay. In addition, Fresh foam midsole adds on comfort and support to the shoes.

The Bootie model is combined with mesh and add orthopedic sock liner.

Midsole and outsole are in data-driven design.

Underpronation shoes – lace-up walking shoes

New Balance MW813 walking shoes for men and women are motion control walking shoes that are designed by the new technologies.

Materials that are used are high quality and make those shoes with extra support, stability, and comfort.

These shoes can be worn for casual everyday walks and by design, they will fit every style.

New balance MW813

Material that is used is quality, durable and soft leather. ROLLBAR and Medial, Lateral TPU posts give your feet the biggest motion control while walking.

Strike path technology helps naturalize the gait cycle as much is possible and gets your steps stable.

Snug fit because of a soft collar and a lot of designs to choose from.

Under pronation sandals from Orthaheel technology

Vionic Neil for men and Vionic Shore sandals for women from Orthaheel technology is supportive, stable and comfortable sandals for people suffering from excessive supination.

Podiatrists have designed these sandals to provide relief and comfort while walking and spending days in the sun.

The whole sandal sole is completely orthotic and has added arch support in the company with a deeper heel cup for extra comfort.

Vionic Neil for men

The outer part of the sandal is made of durable rubber and EVA triple-density midsole has an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock from different terrains.

Orthaheel technology improves alignment and offers natural pain relief.

Vionic Shore sandals for women

Stability running shoes for under pronation

New Balance M1260v7 for men and New Balance W1260v7 for women are light and breathable stable running shoes that are designed especially for people suffering of supination that are runners.

Shoes are modern looking, casual style, light and breathable for all-day of wearing while walking and running.

New Balance M1260v7

Shoes are made of mesh and breathable synthetic. No-sew technology of application ensures smaller irritation and prevents chafing.

Fantom fit upper giver support and improves fit. Rubber outsole delivers good grip and traction that is permanent.

Fuel Cell shock-absorbing technology and Absorb design midsole.

Running shoes for supination condition

Asics Gel Nimbus 20 for men and women comes with ample cushioning and Fluid Fit flexible technology that is for runners with supination

Fluid fit uppers have a multi-directional mesh that is stretchy and has stretch reinforcements and creates an adaptive fit to the foot, suits like a glove, we would say.

Shoes for supination

The heel counter has a clutching system that provides firm support and the best fitting heel environment.

Asics Gel Nimbus has seamless construction that prevents irritation and friction that can be caused by stitches and seams in shoes.

Fluid Ride midsole absorbs shock and has memory cushioning that bounces back with reduced weight.

Rubber outsoles are durable and have great grip. Shoes come in a few different color designs.


Flip flops for extra support and enhance supination

Orthaheel vionic tide for men and women flip flops are great news for people with supination problems.

Summer footwear is a common problem because it slips, does not have sole at all, etc.

Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal

These flip flops come from the Orthaheel technology and they reduce supination, provides pain relief, and provides natural healing for aches and pain that is linked to the poor lower limb alignment.

Vionic Tide flip flops are supportive and comfortable.

Tri planar technology with biomechanical features makes them totally motion control.

The heel cup is deep and helps feet to align in a natural position on every terrain.

Flip flops are made of breathable materials. Upper webbing is comfortable, they are easy to clean and fast drying.

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