Slow man women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers
Slow man women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

These shoes are super lightweight, a slip-on sneaker that resembles a sock more than it does a shoe.

Actually, you might feel like you do not have much more than a sock on your feet.

The shoes are made to be as relaxing as easy without weighing down your feet.

The toe is round and wide, and the mesh upper is relaxed and breathable.

No issue what kind of activities you get up to all through the day, these shoes are bound to the best choice.

These shoes also have an elevated heel, which can support to deal with high arches and lower back pain as they keep the feel more stable and balanced despite your foot shape.

Thanks to this design, you can be more relax on your walks.

Slow man women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers
Slow man women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Features Slow man women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

  • This shoe sizing is equivalent to street size shoe—width between wide and medium.
  • Boxed toe stands, flexible and super lightweight like socks, smooth and breathable fabric, and best freedom and relaxed feeling. Let you enjoy your travel on holiday.
  • MD out-sole with air cushion. The top standard rubber material is non-slip and wear-resistant. Platform measure about 1.96.
  • Perforated each for breathability and ventilation. Classic air cushions design makes these shoes are best to work shoes for those who need to stand or walk for a long time.
  • These shoes are perfect for any daily use, such as long time standing, casual, floor, walking shoes.


  • Stunning seventeen colors offered
  • Best for relieving arch and back pain
  • Feels like walking on air
  • Simple to slip on and off


  • Extremely high
  • Folds can be hard to get out
  • No ankle support

Best women’s walking shoes buying guide

Here are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for walking shoes:


The primary thing you want to consider when you are trying to plan which pair of walking shoes to get is to plan what you plan to be using them for.

Your shoes’ objective will plan which kind of specs you need, so it is vital to decide early.

Shoe width & length

Walking shoes are sized the same way that other shoes are sized, but it is extremely general for people to hesitate that they will need a slightly longer walking soccer because of how the foot moves when it is under impact during a walk.

In reality, though, that is not exactly the case.

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