Just So-So Shoes Review
Just So-So Shoes Review

It is wonderful to think about how much the world has evolved in the last hundred years.

Television, Commercial flat, smartphones, and the internet are just a few of the modern inventions that have revolutionized the whole way of life.

Features Just So So Shoes

With that in mind, it is a real triumph of the design when something introduced several years ago is still being sold globally through different brand names.

My today’s Just So-So men’s running shoes are made with state-of-the-art technology, ideal for an athlete who wants to buy a comfortable shoe.

This Just So-So fashion shoe design ideal option to pair with any occasion. Super breathability and ultra-lightweight let your foot always keeps cool and dry.

Knit upper material makes it likely that your feet free breathe when you walk or run. It is ultra-soft and protective to cushion each step.


Just So-So Shoes Review
Just So-So Shoes Review

Rubber material o Just So-So sole possesses extreme durability for prolonging the wearing time of shoes.

The stretchy blade soles have ultra flexibility that allows the sneakers to bend powerfully while doing sports.

Knit upper material makes it very possible that your feet free breathe when you walk or run.

It is soft and extremely protective to cushion your every step.

Ideal for casual walking, travel, jogging, training, yoga, physical workout, other light sports, etc.

After you walk through the day’s work with these Just So-So shoes, you can keep the sneakers comfortable and dry. This is the best feeling.

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Key Features Just So So Shoes

  • Breathability and ultra-light maximize the upper and let your foot forever keep cool and dry.
  • The sole is made of modern hollow technology, offering smooth support and optimal shock absorption for sports.
  • Wonderful rubber sole
  • Unique design option to pair with any occasion

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JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes 

When you need to stand out from the competition, JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes are the best choices to wear to accomplish that goal.

They’re bright black and have a unique-looking sole of the shoes that catches a lot of attention.

With the mesh uppers, your feet shouldn’t be slowed at all, nor should they be warm and uncomfortable.

Then the padded interior gives a fine comfort level for you and your feet. You’d be able to concentrate on what you’re doing with these JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes.

The lines in the sole should assist in channeling the water away from where you’re going to step, offering you firm footing no matter what type of surface you’re running on.

These lightweight sneakers shouldn’t weigh or slow your feet down when you’ve moved faster than your opponent.

Fashion Knitted Mesh Upper

The JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes is a premium quality option, so it always has additional features to enhance comfort.

Fashion Knitted mesh upper was introduced to JSLEAP Men’s Running line up.

Before that, traditional EVA material was used along with a TPU beak for support. With the knitted mesh upper, the sneakers become lighter.

Knitted mesh upper is the next iteration of this EVA material, and it is even lighter.

It is made to be cushioned but very responsive, durable, and light, offering the qualities most runners want in a sneaker.

Trust to be told. It is not cushioned. It feels supremely cushioned.

Just So-So claims that it is more cushioned and lighter than their opponents, it is clear that the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes is made for those long miles.

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The fit feels very secure in the midfoot, and it is generous in the toe box.

If you like extra space in the toe box, your foot runs a little wide, the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes should fit great.

The upper is stretchy, and it will stretch where you need it and offer a comfortable and smooth fit.

Those who normally need a wide sneaker will be happy to know that Just So-So offers this model in wide versions.

The tongue is semi-gusseted, with straps to both ways of the tongue to keep in the proper place. As for sizing, I normally wear size 10, and that is what I got.

It might run a hair long. While my foot does not slip, I did check the distance of the toes to the front of the sneakers, and there was plenty of space.

Slightly extra space on my left foot, if I desired a more close fit, I feel that I’d go down a half size without any problems.

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JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes 
JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes


If I had to describe the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes in one word, it’d be comfortable.

It is a sneaker I know I’d take on the long run without considering how my legs or feet would feel because I know they would not be very fatigued.

Normally, this is my recovery sneaker after a long walk in a different sneaker, particularly if I have done long trails miles.

I could skip the walk or go for simple jogging in the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes.

Before this model, I would have skipped the run. No more excuses for missing a run.


Smooth and Plush! The sneaker disappears and lets you just run without thinking about what is on your feet.

It feels light, so you do not feel like it will slow you down.

There is enough responsiveness in the sneaker that you will pick up the pace when you put in the effort. It just would not feel quick because you would not feel the impact on your legs or the bottom of your feet.

It is a shoe I would recommend if you want to go out and jog or run, put on some music or a podcast, and think nothing else.

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Strong and Sturdy Knit

The JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes have a completely different feel and look than the standard knitted mesh upper version.

It provides a truly secure and locked-in feel.

As I mention earlier, JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes use a knitted mesh upper that wraps the fit closely – with a slightly more stretch in the forefoot for the toe splay.

And while the tongue is slightly minimal on padding, it is completely connected on the sides with smooth material, so none of our testers reported any problem with bunching, sliding, or blistering.

With additional support from an external heel counter, the thick knitted mesh lends a very stable ride for a neutral sneaker.

The only drawback I notice it runs slightly toasty.

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What we like

  • Knitted mesh upper provides a plush, but very stable ride for the long run
  • Relatively lightweight for the amount of protection as compared to other max cushioned sneakers
  • Attractive honeycomb design, keep your feet balanced, shock absorption, and maximize
  • The sole of the sneakers is made of advanced Hollow Carved Technology, offering stable support and optimal shock absorption
  • Responsive and somewhat firm cushioning, combined with a unique shape, allows for a fast run
  • Ultra-soft and breathable make your feet dry and cool while running

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What we don’t like

  • Runners looking for soft and smooth cushioning might find the knitted mesh too firm.
  • The toe is constructive, and it can take days or sometimes weeks to stretch out to accommodate a wide forefoot.

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Final Verdict

The JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes is a premium quality cushioned, ultra-soft, and breathable shoe, emphasizing the cushion.

This is the running shoe that can the distance, and by the distance, I mean a long marathon.

The JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes’ durability looks like it will last in the 300-350 miles.

After 50 to 60 miles, the only sign of wear on the outsole is the exposed mesh in the rear mid-foot area.

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All in all, I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for an affordable footwear option.

The style and function are great!

The only thing that might stop someone from purchasing them is the fact they don’t come in half sizes or wide widths.

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