ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe
ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe

Feet stay dry when hiking in rainy or muddy conditions when a woman wears these ALEADER water hiking shoes.

These shoes feature an elastic closure with a toggle. They accommodate swelling of the feet over a long day of hiking.

The soles have special treads that reduce slipping when walking through a shallow creek or a puddle.

The shock-absorbing insole keeps feet comfortable, allowing hikers to spend more time outdoors on their feet.

ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe
ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe


  • Synthetic sole
  • Highly breathable, quick-dry textile upper
  • The synthetic ribbon along the side add extra support stability
  • Quick lacing system ensures a secure and customized fit—pull, lock the toggle and go
  • Absorb shocking midsole provides superior shock absorption and extra comfort
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for best in class grip on smooth wet surfaces provides superior grip and protection.


The versatility of Aleader amphibious shoes ensures that you enjoy your life on land or in water.

It provides a perfect combination of support, comfort, and practicality.

Keep your feet breathable, clean, and protected all day. Built to match the way you move!

Aleader’s water shoes are made of a breathable open-mesh upper and have a lining that both serves to cushion the feet and speeds up drying.

A draining outsole also helps maximize traction in wet and slippery conditions.

Reviewers note how the water passes quickly through these, without any sense of drag—or that squishing sound you might find with some other shoes.

The midsole is lightweight, making them great for packing.

They’re also durable—so you can manage basic hiking in these sneaker-style

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