Hey there! If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect pair of running shoes is a mix of excitement and sheer determination. Recently, I’ve had my eyes on two standout pairs: the NEWTON Running Men’s Gravity 13 in Orange/Smoke and the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker in White/Pink/Blue. Whether you’re an avid runner or just looking for some comfy kicks for everyday wear, picking the right pair can make all the difference in your routine.

Running shoes have come a long way over the years, evolving from basic rubber soles to high-tech designs that cater to specific running styles and comfort preferences. The best part? These modern shoes not only improve your performance but also provide that much-needed support to prevent injuries. The NEWTON Gravity 13 and the Skechers Max Cushioning are two excellent examples of how technology and style come together. They cater specifically to runners who seek both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the NEWTON Gravity 13 and the Skechers Max Cushioning Elite worth considering. We’ll explore their design, comfort, and performance to help you figure out which one might be the best fit for your needs. Let’s get started!

Newton Men’s Gravity 13 Running Shoes – Orange/Gray

NEWTON Running Mens Gravity 13 Orange/Smoke

I love exploring new gears, and whether I’m out for a casual jog or training for a marathon, the right pair of running shoes can make all the difference. The Newton Running Men’s Gravity 13 Orange/Smoke is primarily designed for serious runners who crave velocity and efficiency. These shoes cater exceptionally well to those aiming to enhance their performance, whether on the track or numerous city streets. Its robustness and features make it suitable from anything like daily workouts to intense race day scenarios.

What draws me to the Newton Gravity 13 is its fusion of technology and sustainability. First off, who wouldn’t appreciate footwear that’s aimed at improving running performance while also being considerate of the environment? The use of 100% recycled materials for the shoe’s upper, along with its certified vegan construction, signifies a great stride towards sustainability without compromising on high quality and performance.

Moreover, the NEW Newtonium-T Midsole and XPS+ Pebax Plating system are game-changers. They deliver incredible energy return and responsiveness, making every stride feel light and powerful. It’s remarkable how these features can help runners maintain their pace and efficiency over long distances.

Taking a closer look at the shoes’ primary purpose, they’re designed for runners seeking advanced performance and neutral support. The Gravity 13 aims to provide comfort and speed seamlessly, enhancing your natural running form while helping reduce fatigue. Their versatility means they’re just as suitable for long-distance endurance runs as they are for short, speed-focused workouts.

  • Advanced Performance: Thanks to the innovative combination of the Newtonium-T Midsole and XPS+ Pebax Plating system, runners can expect improved energy return and responsiveness.
  • Men’s-specific Design: This means that the fit and performance are tailored specifically for the unique anatomy of the male foot, ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: Made with 3-D engineered air mesh and plush, seamless construction, it helps keep feet cooler and drier.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: The upper portion of the shoe uses 100% recycled materials, aligning with environmentally conscious values.
  • Lightweight and Neutral Support: With a weight of just 8.0 oz and a 3.0mm drop, these shoes offer a lightweight and responsive experience for various running styles.
  • Vegan and Sustainable: Beyond their performance credentials, these shoes are certified vegan, making them a go-to for eco-friendly consumers who care about reducing their environmental footprint.

In terms of overall quality, the Newton Gravity 13 stands tall. The materials used are premium-quality and durable, capable of handling the wear and tear associated with regular running. I can vouch for their robustness after numerous miles logged in them—no sign of wear and tear that’s frequently seen in other running shoes after a few intense sessions.

The feel of the shoe is something special. The seamless construction and breathable mesh materials ensure a snug yet variety-comfortable fit without any irritation, even during lengthy runs. The cushioning is just perfect, neither too firm nor too soft, striking an excellent balance that adapts naturally with each stride.

  1. Advanced Technology: The combination of the Newtonium-T Midsole and XPS+ Pebax Plating system makes for outstanding performance.

  2. Breathability: The 3-D engineered air mesh ensures your feet stay cool and dry.

  3. Comfort: Seamless construction and a multi-positional lacing system make for a personalized fit.

  4. Sustainability: Made with 100% recycled materials and certified vegan, aligning with eco-friendly principles.

  5. Lightweight: Weighing only 8.0 oz, they don’t weigh you down, which is particularly beneficial for long-distance runs.

  6. Tailored Fit: Designed specifically for the male foot, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

  7. Price Point: High-quality materials and advanced technology come at a premium price, which may be steep for casual runners.

  8. Break-In Period: Some users may experience a slight break-in period due to the specialized midsole and plating system.

  9. Color Variability: Available in limited color options, which might not cater to everyone’s taste.

When considering the Newton Running Men’s Gravity 13, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly focus, and overall high quality makes it an excellent option for those seeking to elevate their running game. Whether you’re grinding out miles on the pavement or training for your next big race, these shoes have got you covered.

Newton Mens Gravity 13 Running Shoes - Orange/Gray

Skechers Women’s Cushioned Sneaker, Size 7, White/Pink/Blue

Skechers Womens Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker, White/Pink/Blue, 7 M US

When I first slipped my feet into the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker in White/Pink/Blue, it was like stepping onto a cloud. These sneakers are not just any regular running shoes; they are designed with maximum comfort in mind. Particularly ideal for those who prioritize cushioning and support, these sneakers serve multiple purposes ranging from daily jogging to casual promenades in the park. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just someone in need of supportive footwear for your everyday activities, these sneakers have got you covered.

There are several aspects that make me gravitate towards the Skechers Max Cushioning Elite. First and foremost is the supreme comfort they offer. The design team at Skechers has clearly put a lot of thought into making these shoes as comfortable as possible.

The styling of these sneakers is another reason they stand out. With their eye-catching White/Pink/Blue colorway, they are both stylish and versatile, fitting perfectly with casual, sporty, or even semi-formal attire.

Moreover, the breathability of the material ensures that my feet remain cool and dry, even during extended wear. These features combined present a compelling case for why these have become one of my go-to pairs of footwear.

The Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker is designed explicitly for those who seek extra cushioning and support in their running or walking shoes. Here’s a bit of what the product promises:

  • Haptic Printed Max Cushion: Unlike regular cushioning, the haptic printed max cushion provides enhanced support and comfort, making it ideal for long-distance running or extended periods of standing.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Despite the heavy cushioning, these sneakers are remarkably lightweight. This makes them easier to wear for longer durations without causing foot fatigue.
  • Breathable Mesh Upper: The upper part of the sneaker is made of a breathable mesh material which ensures your feet stay cool and ventilated.
  • Colorway: The White/Pink/Blue color scheme adds a vibrant touch, making the sneakers visually appealing and versatile enough to match a variety of outfits.
  • Flexible Outsole: The outsole provides excellent traction and flexibility, making these sneakers suitable for different terrains and surfaces.

When examining the overall quality of the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker, it’s evident that the craftsmen have paid a great deal of attention to detail. The material quality is superb, from the breathable mesh upper to the haptic printed max cushion. The stitching is sturdy, giving the shoes an extended lifespan even after frequent use.

I also appreciate how Skechers has managed to maintain a lightweight design without compromising on durability. It’s no small feat to deliver a sneaker that is both cushioned and lightweight, yet they have managed to create a harmonious blend of the two.

Like any product, the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here are a few that I have noted:

  • Max Cushioning: The standout feature is undoubtedly the haptic printed max cushioning. It provides great support, especially for those with foot issues or those who simply prefer additional cushioning.

  • Lightweight: Despite the extra cushioning, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight. This makes them ideal for long runs or extended wear without causing fatigue.

  • Breathability: The breathable mesh upper ensures my feet stay cool and dry, making these sneakers suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

  • Stylish Design: The White/Pink/Blue color scheme is both trendy and versatile, making these sneakers a fashionable choice for various outfits and occasions.

  • Durability: Sturdy construction and high-quality materials lend these sneakers a longer lifespan, providing great value for money.

  • Limited Arch Support: While the max cushioning is commendable, there might be less arch support than some other specialized running shoes. For those with specific foot conditions requiring enhanced arch support, these might not be the best option.

  • Tight Fit for Wide Feet: The fit can be a tad snug for those with wider feet. While the material does offer some flexibility, those with broader feet may need to consider sizing up or looking for a wider fit option.

  • Color Maintenance: The vibrant color scheme, while attractive, can show dirt and wear more quickly compared to darker hues. Regular cleaning may be necessary to maintain their pristine look.

The Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker in White/Pink/Blue offers a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, making it a strong candidate for anyone seeking a high-quality, cushioned running shoe. However, if maximum arch support and broad fit are non-negotiable for you, it might be worth considering other options or trying these on for size first. Either way, these sneakers are a testament to Skechers’ commitment to combining innovation with design, creating footwear that’s both functional and fashionable.

Skechers Womens Cushioned Sneaker, Size 7, White/Pink/Blue

Comparison Section: Newton Gravity 13 vs. Skechers Max Cushioning Elite

When it comes to selecting the right running shoe, both the Newton Running Men’s Gravity 13 and the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker promise to deliver superior performance and comfort. I’ll be breaking down their specifications and key features to help you decide which one suits your needs best.


Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of both products in a comparative table format:

Feature Newton Running Men’s Gravity 13 Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite
Origin Imported Imported
Sole Material Rubber Rubber
Outer Material Mesh Mesh
Closure Type Lace-Up Lace-Up
Midsole Technology NEW Newtonium-T Midsole Ultra Go Cushioned Midsole
Additional Tech XPS+ Pebax Plating Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole
Specific Design Men’s specific design and fit Women’s specific design and fit
Upper Material 3-D Engineered Air Mesh Mesh
Construction 100% Recycled Materials Standard
Weight 8.0 oz 11.3 oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop 3.0 mm Not specified
Support Type Neutral Support Max Cushioning
Eco-Friendly Yes (Certified Vegan) Not specified

Performance and Comfort

Newton Running Men’s Gravity 13

The Newton Gravity 13 is a lightweight running shoe designed specifically for men. It features a NEW Newtonium-T Midsole and XPS+ Pebax Plating system for enhanced energy return and responsiveness, making it ideal for performance running. The shoe weighs just 8.0 oz, providing a near-barefoot feel with a 3.0mm drop, which is great for those looking for neutral support.

The shoe’s breathable 3-D engineered air mesh upper ensures comfort during extended runs, and its multi-positional lacing system allows for a personalized fit. Additionally, its commitment to sustainability with 100% recycled materials and being certified vegan is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious runners.

Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker

On the other hand, the Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite sneaker is designed for women who need maximum cushioning and comfort. The shoe features a haptic printed design and an Ultra Go cushioned midsole which ensures a smooth ride. It also comes with an Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole for added comfort and breathability, making it perfect for long runs or casual wear.

Weighing 11.3 oz, it is heavier than the Newton Gravity 13, but provides enhanced cushioning and support, which some runners might find beneficial. The women’s specific design ensures a better fit for the female foot, and the lace-up closure provides a secure fit.


After thoroughly reviewing both the “NEWTON Running Men’s Gravity 13 Orange/Smoke” and the “Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker, White/Pink/Blue, 7 M US,” I’ve gathered some insightful thoughts I’d love to share with you.

NEWTON Running Men’s Gravity 13 Orange/Smoke

This shoe really dazzles with its vibrant color and advanced technology. It delivers great energy return, exceptional comfort, and promotes natural running form. However, the price might be a bit steep for those on a budget, and some may find the lugs under the forefoot take a little getting used to.

Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker, White/Pink/Blue, 7 M US

These sneakers are a joy for anyone seeking top-tier cushioning and support. They’re incredibly comfortable, making them ideal for longer periods of wear. On the downside, they are slightly bulkier compared to other models, and the bold color scheme may not appeal to everyone’s taste.


Both of these shoes offer tremendous benefits, but they cater to different audiences:

  • For High-Performance Runners: If you are an avid runner looking for a shoe that elevates your performance and supports an efficient running form, the “NEWTON Running Men’s Gravity 13 Orange/Smoke” is an excellent choice. Just be prepared for the initial investment and adjustment period with the lugs.

  • For Everyday Comfort Seekers: If comfort and cushioning are your top priorities, whether you’re walking, running, or just need supportive shoes for everyday tasks, the “Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker, White/Pink/Blue, 7 M US” will serve you wonderfully. Just remember, you’ll be sacrificing a bit of sleekness for comfort.

In the end, each shoe shines in its unique way, so pick the one that aligns best with your specific needs and lifestyle! Happy shoe shopping! 😊

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