Qomolangma Women's Suede Hiking Shoes
Qomolangma Women's Suede Hiking Shoes

The QOMOLANGMA women’s waterproof hiking shoes are made from a mixture of top standard, durable and relax leather, a rubber outsole and mesh fabric.

This shoe is very breathable to permit the flow of plenty of air in and out of the shoe, so keeping your feet fresh, chill and dry all through the hiking day.

The shoes also have a waterproof membrane that promises your feet of the ultra to relax even when trekking in wet locations.

The very breathable and lightweight mesh permits the shoes to dry very fast in case they are naked to water.

The outsole is made from a very durable anti-slip rubber, which provides you sufficient support and best traction control or just any surface.

The toecap is additionally strengthened to save your feet from being knocked by hard surfaces mainly when hiking or walking in rocky terrains.

These shoes come in a customizable and relax fit, courtesy of the lace-up closure design that permits you to personalize your fit.

The synthetic overlays and textiles include support to the shoes while also improving durability.

Qomolangma Women's Suede Hiking Shoes
Qomolangma Women’s Suede Hiking Shoes


  • Dries quickly after cleaning
  • Lace-up design is best
  • Best for rocky trails
  • Light in weight
  • Keeps feet chill all through the day


  • They run big – buy smaller

Advantages Qomolangma Women’s Suede Hiking Shoes

Twin-layer enhanced toe protection

TPU and rubber wrapped shoe toe for protection against hard surface collisions.

Breathable mesh better air permeability

Underneath the strong suede leather lies a breathable mesh lining to offer you the most durable shoe for the most relaxed hiking experience.

Lugged rubber outsole with best grip force

An aggressively lugged rubber outsole that grips to a range of terrains, delivering the best level of relaxation and precision on any surface.


Slip-resistant, waterproof and ultra-durable, these outdoor trail trekking shoes from Qomolangma are famous for their standard and comfort.

Crafted from premium suede leather with a robust rubber sole, these shoes repel water and are resistant to external damage and tear.

Perfect for open-air activities, they come equipped with a rubber outsole that provides the best traction on all types of surfaces including perfect and rough floors.

Thanks to the unique TPU on the toe place, the shoes keep your feet protected from impacts while hiking and climbing.

Not just that but the midsole is made with EVA and is light in weight and absorbs shock, while the lace-up front offers you with the best, snug fit.


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