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Shoes with best motion control for walking and running

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Shoes with best motion control for walking and running

When picking shoes for walking and running you must have in consideration two major factors that will influence your choice. The level of pronation, degree of your foot while rolling toward to the middle and body size, pressure that is placed on your feet are two main factors while buying shoes.

Shoes provide stability, flexibility, comfort and firm grip to your legs while walking or running and they need to fit perfectly, not just in size but in the other mechanical factors of your body.

Motion control

Some shoes have the label that says ”Motion control”, motion control shoes are the most corrective shoes on the market. They have impact on the overpronation and correct and reduce excess motion of the leg while walking. Overpronation is a problem linked to the fallen arches and flat feet.

If you are active person, walking a lot or a runner, this feet problem can cause a lot of pain and make big problems. Flat feet can cause knee pain, ankle problem and make ankles and knees to torque inwards even more.

Motion control shoes – pronation problem

Pronation is specific movement of the medial bones in the midtarsal region inward and downward so the foot tends to go down on the inner margin. That is inward movement of foot so it rolls when you walk and distributes the force of impact of the ground.

When foot rolls inward and comes in contact with the ground, posture and balance are changed and all the body weight is aligned in wrong way on your legs.

Pronation is way of shock absorption that pushes from the front of the foot on the body. Pronation is natural movement that happens in the body movement but the problems with arch, like size and shape can affect the pronation and cause other problems like under pronation or over pronation, depending on the degrees of the arch placement.

Normal arch will have most profit of stability shoes and it does not need motion control shoes for making correction in posture, but person with flat feet and low arch will need as much help as they can get, specially motion control shoes.

Higher arch with supinate or over supinate problem will need different shoes that have more material in it, more cushioning and natural foot motion, shoes that are motion control. Motion control shoes are best choice for overpronate persons and those with low arches and flat foot.

Overpronation and right shoes

Overpronation – most known as the flat feet, problem that occurs in the walking process when a person’s arch collapses upon weight bearing. Your foot rolls inward more than fifteen percent as with normal pronation and your feet and ankles have big pressure to stabilize your body in the right way.

On the end of the gait cycle foot pushes off the ground using mainly big and second toe when it is normal to use the entire forefoot.

This motion can cause extreme stress or inflammation on the plantar fascia, potentially causing severe discomfort and leading to other foot problems. This problem often leads to Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Metatarsalgia, Post-tib Tendonitis and/or Bunions.

There are many causes of flat feet, obesity, pregnancy or repetitive pounding on a hard surface can weaken the arch leading to over-pronation. Often people with flat feet do not experience discomfort immediately, and some never suffer from any discomfort at all.

Shoes with straight or semi curved lasts and arch support with good motion control features are the right shoes for this kind of the problem. Motion control is the key part of the good shoe for overpronation problems.

Facts about the good motion control shoe

Motion control shoes are designed with much thicker midsole that is made off hard materials for easy and comfortable but firm correction of a gait that prevents your stride to move and to roll inward so the weight transfer stays in the natural movement.

Midsole is designed of material that consists graphite, plastic or some kind of foam material. Motion control shoes are little bit heavier because of the thick midsole but they are more durable than usual walking and running shoes.

Stability walking shoe – motion control

ASICS gel foundation 13

ASICS gel foundation 13 are extra stable shoes with extra layer of cushioning. Upper side of the shoe is designed from the synthetic leather and mesh material which are breathable. Memory foam is common part of motion control shoes and there are two layer which are molded to fit the shoe and personalize by your feet while you walk. Duo Max midsole is dual density provider of the support and the stability while walking. ASICS gel foundation is cushioning feature that absorbs shock from the rear and forefoot while you make a pressure on that part of the foot. Comfor dry sock liner system keeps your feet dry and fresh.

Motion control running shoes

Saucony Cohesion 11

Saucony Cohesion 11 motion control running shoes for man and women are shoes made with the extra technology. Those shoes has a great mid sole technology feature Power Grid which improves your walking experience. Power grid midsole technology is cushioning made of premium quality soft and light weighted foam.

Crash pads from SAC provides painless transition of weight on your legs and firmer heel support that makes moving easier and reduce a lot of stress on the knees.

Arch lock that is addition on the support frame of the shoes ensures you that they will fit you perfectly. Comfortlite sockliner absorbs moisture and ensures you dry and fresh feet at the time of wearing. 8mm offset helps to place the heel in the place and collocate weight of the body evenly while walking. Body remains more balanced and in comfortable position. Outsoles are made of durable and sturdy rubber outsole.

Motion control walking shoe

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5

Mizuno is a company with a long tradition, they are found in 1906. and they are very popular name in the sports gear world. Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 has amazing design with a supportive system that provides balance and enhances posture of your body while moving. Mizuno walking motion control shoes are made of breathable and lightweight synthetic material and uppers are made of mesh materials.

Composite Double Fan Wave Technology gives support and stability to the person wearing them. Wider base in those shoes mid sole section makes them more comfortable at the activities. Synthetic and mesh are construction materials of those shoes what makes them comfortable, breathable and durable. This Mizuno motion control shoes have Vegan shoe label which means they are eco friendly. Rubber sole is durable and comfortable for wearing and looks good.

Smooth Ride engineering makes special transition moment while walking that makes rocking chair like movement and makes walking smooth and easy from heel to toe and reduces stress on the legs. Dynamotion Fit helps make walking smooth without extra stress and allows the foot to move easily.

Trail walking boots with motion control system

New Balance MW 1400 V1

New Balance MW 1400 V1 trail walking boots for man and woman are stabile with motion control system technology and have a list of features that makes them the number one shoes for hikers and walking on rough terrains and all outdoor trails. These New Balance trail shoes are made of strong waterproof leather that has a high collar in bright color and firm heel cushion. Rubber sole is very important in hiking boots, it has a good grip on wet and slippery terrains. Waterproof membrane material makes your feet dry and warm in any condition. Rollbar medial and lateral stable posts ensure best motion control system. EVA foam midsole gives support and comfort to the leg. Thinsulate insulated linings is a material that makes New Balance shoes warm and comfortable.

Walking shoes with motion control

Brooks Addiction Walker shoes

Brooks Addiction Walker shoes for men and woman provides fit and comfortable supportive casual shoes for everyday activities. Brooks Addiction walking shoes comes with motion control system that has special construction of support for the lower arches and pronation to set feet in the place. Hydroflow system is cushion layering that provides support for the rearfoot and forefoot to absorb shock and keep feet in natural position.

Mo Go is award winning system of the cushioning that decreases shock level while walking. PDRB is triple density feature that is incorporated on the medial side to give more stability to the leg while walking. Brooks Addiction uses durable energy efficient midsole compound for extra cushioning and flexibility. Outsole is slip resistant what makes shoes wearable in all weather conditions.

Running shoes with motion control system

Saucony Redeemer ISO 2

Saucony Redeemer ISO 2 for man and women are shoes for people that run on daily basis. Comfortable cushioning and motion control guarantee the quality of those shoes. Shoes are lightweight and breathable because of the synthetic and mesh materials they are made of.

ISOFIT system is material shaping that helps shoe to fit your leg perfectly in shape and motion and gives you more control and stability. EVERUN is topsole enhances energy return and cushioned comfort to the leg. Saucony has an external additional support frame and high traction outsoles.


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