Asics Men’s Gel-kayano 22 Running Shoe Review
Asics Men’s Gel-kayano 22 Running Shoe Review

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 sustains a nice mixture of stability; for many who require it for gentle to severe overpronation, along with good cushioning for a luxurious ride.

The Kayano is still ASICS core steadiness shoe and the main element updates were design to the top of the to increase comfort as the midsole and outsole were maintain from the Kayano 21.

Which has a shoe that is on its 22nd model; I would not be expectant of ASICS to make drastic changes to a shoe which includes been a mainstay in their balance line-up.

When I requires the Kayano 22 from the box; I possibly could immediately start to see the upper was modifies to a smooth material as the sole views similar from what I’ve come to anticipate with earlier versions.

The cushioning and balance were unchanged from the prior model and were just as I predicts with this latest version from the 1st run.

The brand new “FluidFit(TM) seamless top was comfortable from when I place the shoe on.

The change to the mesh higher combined with the design posts to the heel counter-top in the shoe provided the Kayano with an identical yet improved upon comfortable fit as it wraps your foot.

The Kayano 22 preserves its reliable steadiness and cushioning that lots of runners attended to enjoy.

The recently designed mesh upper increased the entire comfort of the shoe. It also possessed little impact to the whole of the integrity of any balance of the shoe.

The Kayano 22 continues steadily to compete immediately with models including the Brook’s Adrenaline GTS 15; And the recently launched Nike Odyssey for the amount of time in a runner’s rotation for those buying a solid balance shoe.

The Kayano 22 remains a leader in the balance category and I came across it very reliable and in a position to manage mile after mile. It combines a good base of steadiness with sufficient cushioning throughout the complete transition.

Asics Men’s Gel-kayano 22 Running Shoe Review

Asics Gel Kayano 22 Sole Info

The ASICS Kayano 22 midsole and outsole are maintained from the prior versions, including a typical 10 mm offset, for those runners looking for a luxurious ride while demanding the utmost support to aid with light to severe overpronation.

The FluidRide(R) midsole is constantly on the provide reactive and secures cushioning underfoot; while GEL cushioning in the heel and forefoot help with softer surface impact and an even smoother ride.

I came across the drive and reactive transition nearly the same as that in the Kayano 21 and past models.

The midsole for the Kayano 22 is comparable to earlier models, so for the ones that came rely upon the Kayano’s comfortable feel, and the transition will never be disappointed. I got pleased ASICS maintained the only real of the shoe unchanged.

The only real on the Kayano gives an even; comfortable transition similar compareS to that within the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15. Another popular stableness shoe and it is slightly more company then your new Nike Odyssey; which debuted this season and has triple-density midsole foam which is light in weight and comfortable.

The steadiness of the Kayano retains via the Active DuoMax Support System which manages overpronation.

The shoe maintained its Instruction Trusstic System for support and Information Lines. To increase efficiency, providing a balance between cushioning and support needed by handling the feet alignment within a runner’s foot strike.

The outsole continues to include the ASICS High Abrasion Plastic (AHAR) throughout the heel; a blown plastic DuraSponge materials in forefoot plus a rear ft . the crash pad gives that soft; smooth and durable cushioning and transition mile after mile.

The Kayano single continues to supply the stability demanded than it. It will also be offering a smooth and responsive drive from heel-to-toe.

Asics Gel Kayano 22 Upper Info

The biggest upgrade to the Kayano was the utilization of a smooth, mesh throughout the complete upper. Top of the Kayano 22 was kept up to date to include a new smooth mesh; which is more light-weight and permits more breathability.

The update appears to follow that within other ASICS models like the Nimbus 17 which also offers a new smooth mesh upper.

Top of the includes the FluidFit(TM) mesh throughout while including a stretch out mesh layer coupled with a newly built mesh layer outrageous for maximum comfort and breathability.

The newly constructed mesh overlays cover the whole feet, which together enable an extremely comfortable and flexible feeling while running.

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Top of the in the Kayano 22 feels similar compared to that in the Nimbus 17; for the reason that it provides a far more personal and responsive fit.

There appears to be a trend for most brands to include a smooth mesh in a lot of their top models. It lessens the weight of the shoe while increasing the comfort and overall flexibility through transition and feet strike.

You are viewing more “seamless” mesh uppers from brands like Nike; Mizuno, Brooks and Saucony as well as much others.

The seamless top provides for a far more responsive and comfortable fit from the first run, And I notice as it designs to my ft . and was convenient a lot more miles I place on the shoe.

The Heel Counter-top in the Kayano 22 was redesigns for increase support and upgrades heel fit. The Heel Counter-top was changed up and expands forward to grow support and stableness.

This was a tiny and key change that lots of runners won’t notice straight away, but I came across it to keep my heel comfortable and locked set up.

The Kayano’s overall fit of the top of the remained comfortable and secure. The recently designed mesh wrapped the full ft . Keeping it set up as the updated heel collar kept my foot securely locked set up.

Asics Gel Kayano 22 Conclusions

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 goes on its long custom of being reduced daily trainer for runners who are buying a reliable balance shoe with plush cushioning.

ASICS made key changes to the top which increased the comfort of the shoe; while keeping that reliable stableness for runners who generally have minor to severe pronation.

This latest model of the Kayano is one that may follow in the road of the 21 variants before it; It provides both balance and comfort while running mile after mile.

The shoe is responsive from heel-to-toe because of a gentle and comfortable singular unit; which is increases by the adaptive and comfortable smooth upper.

If you ask me running in this 22nd version of the Kayano, those die-hard Kayano runners will enjoy the revise to the smooth upper combined with durable stability.

For all those seeking a good and reliable balance shoe that has stood the test of time; the Kayano is the one which is highly recommended.

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