ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe Review
ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe Review


The ASICS GEL-Venture 5 running shoe is a trail running shoe that delivers the best support for many who prefer to perform off-road. The fit is fantastic and the correct support in a durable shoe that was created to help the runner changeover through a number of movements. You will discover profound grooves and a plastic single that helps provide advanced traction force, which is well suited for long-distance running with this light-weight shoe. Athletes and people searching for high-quality ASICS trail shoes may think about this brand by learning more about the ASICS Venture design, technology, and other features. Appears too good to be true, right?

ASICS Men's Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe, Black/Onyx/Charcoal, 7 M US


Gel-Venture is suitable for the natural runner. Folks are reports to be neutral joggers when they reach the floor using their heel and then rotate toward the feet. The arch of the legs will be marginally inward to soak up the impact as they run or walk.

The wear structure on the shoes can look like the notice ‘S.’ It really notes these shoes’ design and their continuous gel support are suitable for runners with natural pronation.


The ASICS Gel-Venture is created out of artificial overlaid mesh textile that breathes well, which is also water-resistant. The women’s shoes come in natural grey trims in neon grey as the men’s shoes are grey with the red cut.

These ASICS Venture 5 shoes ribbon up for comfortable fit and comfort. Also, they feature reinforced feet for security and security while running.

The supported again of the trail running shoe moreover helps people remain safe and comfortable while running. These high-quality running shoes also feature a detachable sock liner. The shoes are machine washable as well.


ASICS Men’s GEL Venture

The soles of the shoes are created out of hard plastic. Because the plastic soles are suitable for sturdiness and durability, they aren’t as versatile as other running shoe models on the marketplace.

Individuals who need the overall flexibility for arch support could find that this style of shoe is not suitable for their running needs. However, the hard feet also are mention for their capability to wear well and avoid tearing, breaking, and becoming ruined after a couple of weeks of wearing.

They are made to tolerate the weight of bulkier athletes such as sports players or weight lifters looking to get back to competitive form. The feet also assess 1.25 in . for both men and women’s models.

The program on the women’s shoes steps one inch as the platform on the men’s shoe measures .75 inches wide. Both models include the ASICS Rearfoot gel padding system. Also, they both include the AHAR abrasion mixture in tactical areas throughout the shoe.


ASICS Men’s GEL Venture

These shoes can be purchased in a shoe for women and men in a number of colors and designs with the same common features. The man make mesh allows the feet to breathe the shoe such that it will not become sweaty. The outsole is tough and designs to take a conquering on tough paths. The within of the shoe has detachable foam soles in order to change with doctor advised orthotics. The heel of the shoe is 1.25″ and the program is 0.75″.


Serious runners frequently have a variety of running shoes in their arsenal, and these shoes can be viewed as the workhorses of the great deal. They have a defensive bumper located near to the forward of the shoe to protect your feet from any branches or stones which may be protruding onto the tracks you are running. The closed down mesh upper was created to keep out dirt and grime and normal water in moderate volumes. There’s a pocket located near to the surface of the tongue where shoelace ends can be saved. Equate to ASICS GT-2000.


The Venture 5 is produced from synthetic materials.
These shoes include mesh overlay man-made cloth that is water-resistant.
Both kinds (Men’s and Women’s) strategy 12 by eight by four inches wide. The women’s shoe weighs in at two pounds as the men’s shoe weighs in at three pounds.
They range in nominal ways, especially in their system height as well as the colors and designs where they can be found.
Otherwise, both include the same advancement as the Rearfoot gel system that helps joggers stay comfortable and safe while they run and exercise.


Cross-training shoes are made for Crossfit workout routines and fitness center, or any activity which handles balance and any activity where you having more connection with the ground is recommended over a dense platform sole.

Trail-running shoes are suitable for off-road routes with muds, root base, stones, and other obstructions. It is increasing with competitive tread for sturdy traction. Additionally, it is fortified to aid and will be offering underfoot protection.

The Gel-Venture 5 shoe offers a great match a reasonable comfortableness. There’s a Rearfoot GEL padding pad that delivers extra support for the heel. The shoe is suitable for extended hours of wear on unlimited paths and helps the wearer to go through the pros and cons of rougher ground.

One of the better top features of the shoe is that this has incredible hold and grip while providing a clean transition through a number of terrains.


That is a natural shoe. It’s best worn by individuals who have high arches, nor need much support in a shoe. A natural shoe helps someone’s feet to steer themselves in a far more natural way; through every step, so the runner will get the perfect running gait.
The primary factors a person should think about whenever choosing a shoe is arch level; their body structure and their running practices.
The outsoles of the shoe have reversed lugs; which provide that perfect traction force for tackling both uphill and downhill ground.
The padding system really helps to reduce the impact a runner encounters through the impact phase. In addition, it permits a much smoother move to midstance.

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