HOVR Phantom Running Shoe
HOVR Phantom Running Shoe

You had forgiven the glands and tissues in my thinking that it’s not a former student but let me tell you that under Armour has backed a slave of running technology in today’s shows.

Some Features are visible, and others are under the hood. Recharge like a parrot in a tracking chip.

The Fast and the most office feature is the cutout window present in the mid, which shows off the HOVR cushioning system of the brand.

It is an attempt to return the high-energy forms that are the rage right now.

The gaps on the site and junks of the form poking out from the back shows are leading the market right now. Furthermore, the shoes are delivering soft cushioning to provide you maximum comfort and flexibility.

Additionally, if you talk about the looks of this shoe, they are obviously eye-catching and beautiful.

The high-cut beauty comes in a variety of colors that are so funky and attention-seeking.

The execution of Armour is well-crafted, stretchy, and comfortable, which makes an obvious sense the company’s strong background is athletic apparel.

The majority of the shoes available in the market are sock-like material, but this shoe will offer you perfect snug for the entire day.

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Under Armour Men's HOVR Phantom Running Shoe


  • 1) Weight: 10.6 ounces.
  • 2) Color: Multi-colors are available.

Key Features Under Armour Men’s HOVR Phantom Running Shoe


HOVR Cushioning

As it is in this case, the more durable form of the midsole is considered the most dedicated material under Armour has HOVR.

It is a unique compound that is developed with DOW and made from Olefin.

As far as the property of this material is concerned, it’s exceptionally squishy and soft.

Under Armour has wrapped the phone in a match of the net that resists again stretching.

This results in livelier feelings and softer than you have seen in the previous designs of Under Armour shoes.

Built-in Run Tracking:

The CT design of this Under Armour Shoe shows connected technology with this shoe.

The phantom shoe has this option, where a sensor is attached to the Midsole.

The sensor is also very easily connected to the smartphone. With the help of this sensor, run data can be easily shared via Under Armour Online Platform “May my Run.”

The application is also capable of keeping track of running distance, speed, and stride length.


Under Armor, shoes are more cushioned and softer than the old designs of VR Sonic, but the problem is that they are not too soft as expected.

These shoes might feel hard under the foot, but still, they felt perfect, and you can run even faster with more energy.

  • CONS:
  • Great responsiveness.
  • The Underfoot cushioning is superior in terms of cushioning
  • Optional app connectivity for running.
  • It fits comfortably with a sock-like ankle collar.
  • These sneakers are not supportive of the forefront as expected.

Mick Urlich, Running Shoes for Supination https://runningshoesforsupination.com/


There is not even a shadow of doubt about the quality of these shoes.

They return energy, and the energy return is felt by you automatically.

An extremely soft look like a sock liner attached to the footed (also non-removable) is known to boost comfort.

You will sense the comfort as long as you put on these shoes.

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