Best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet
Best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet

Nothing puts a damper on your workout routine or work-day grind like sweaty socks.

Fortunately, unless you have hyperhidrosis—a medical condition that causes excessive sweating—the problem is likely that you’re not buying the right socks.

The very best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Review

Wetness wicking socks

Wool socks

Merino wool socks

Does this noise familiar?

You make a practice of thoroughly cleaning your feet. Also, you alter shoes frequently and take them off when possible.

You make certain to use a minimum of 80% cotton socks. You even utilize foot powder.

And you have taken other procedures to fight smelly feet.

Still, your feet are sweaty all the time, and your socks damp and stinky.

It’s genuinely embarrassing to remove your shoes when you get in a gypsy pal’s house, go looking for shoes, or go to a Japanese dining establishment.

When needing to expose your sweat-discolored socks, polluting the air around you, you are desperate for an option.

You are questioning, “heck, I’m even utilizing a quality antiperspirant; perhaps it’s my socks that still trigger my feet to sweat a lot.”

And you are.

Altering the kind of socks you use day in day out can assist treat sweaty feet.

Shoes and socks avoid our feet from vaporizing wetness. This trapped sweat rapidly ends up being stinky because of germs that eat it, producing the tacky odor.

Considering that going barefoot * as much as possible is not a useful option, it’s practical to carefully pick your socks and shoes.

(* I attempt to do so and particularly enjoy running barefoot in the woods, making my good friends call me “barefoot walker” however that aside.).

Among the primary reasons for sweaty, foul-smelling feet is using incorrect socks & shoes.

Which socks to prevent.

Artificial socks will make your feet sweat like a pig in the summer season. Plastic, nylon, polyester, or other artificial material linings do not enable sweat to vaporize and do not absorb it either, so your feet remain damp. If such socks are tight, they get worse the result.

Polyester socks are frequently the favored option of professional athletes because they avoid blisters by keeping the sweating far from the feet.

Cotton socks are much better than artificial socks since they are lighter and more relaxed than acrylic socks and permit the feet to breathe.

The issue with all-cotton socks is that they do not hold as much wetness without ending up being sodden.

Cotton socks soak up wetness, however, do not resolve it, triggering your feet to stay damp.

They get damp, remain damp, and therefore supply an environment the odor triggering Brevibacteria grow on.

Cotton socks likewise keep heat. Which is something these germs similarly grow on.

Certainly, eliminate artificial socks such as acrylic and nylon socks; however, likewise, prevent cotton.

Other reasons it’s crucial to keep your feet dry are since wetness might trigger fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot and blisters.

Not to point out cold feet in the winter season and overheated, additional sweaty feet with blisters in the summer season.

The very best socks to avoid sweaty feet.

Here’s why using the best kind of socks is such a crucial and effective component in combating sweaty feet.

If you own enough leather and other breathing shoes to turn regularly, wetness will not be much of an issue in your shoes.

Soaked socks, nevertheless, rapidly trigger foot smell (bromhidrosis) specifically, if you experience plantar hyperhidrosis, which is the medical name for exceedingly sweating feet.

Suggested: specialized socks with fibers developed to keep sweating far from the foot (wicking socks).

Here’s a wide variety of socks readily available, developed to keep your free dry, and fresh. These wicking socks consist of; sports socks with ventilation panels, artificial liner socks, wool socks, and other types.

The very best gown socks for sweaty feet are merino wool (Smartwool) socks. They are moisture absorbent, and contrary to exactly what you might believe since it’s wool, they will not make your feet hot and sweaty.

Wetness Wicking Socks

Wetness Wicking Socks
Wetness Wicking Socks

Many of the socks noted below are moisture-wicking socks in one or another method. The germs that trigger foul-smelling feet live on the leading layers of the skin on your feet.

You cannot stop sweating anyhow because your feet have the most eccrine gland than other body parts. You can minimize the quantity of sweat your feet produce.

Feet are understood to be able to produce a pint of sweat daily.

When your shoes have actually been exposed to sweat and great deals of germs, they will establish a nest in your shoes too. That’s why it’s essential to clean your shoes on a routine basis.

Wool Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet

Wool socks come from the very best socks for sweaty feet since:

Also, wool socks wick sweating far from your feet.
Wool soaks up wetness within the fiber itself (whereas with cotton, the entire tissue takes in moisture), the surface area of wool socks remains relatively dry.
Besides, wool has nearly two times the wetness soaking up the capability of that of cotton.
Wool breathes well.
Wool socks are frequently thicker than cotton socks.
Lastly, wool can wick as much as 30% of its weight in water.

Personally, I enjoy wool socks for another factor. Wool has outstanding insulating homes, which indicates it keeps your feet warm when it’s cold; however, it likewise helps your feet keep cool when it’s warm. (which is frequently an issue for me. My feet warm up truly rapidly, leaving me with hot and even hot feet).

Smartwool socks, an accessible, well-reviewed brand name, aid avoid sweaty feet, and many people discover they are not scratchy.

Naturally, everyone is various, so changing brand names might work when the itch is a problem.


Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool Socks
Merino Wool Socks

Some individuals discover that 100% wool socks still end up being clammy. If you experience this too, you might wish to go with sock liners integrated with (wool) socks. Such a mix assists a lot of individuals to keep their feet dry.

Quality light-weight 100% merino wool socks are usually offered as “liner” socks.

Merino wool socks are frequently valued for different factors. These socks keep your feet warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season.

Apart from that, they are incredibly soft, specifically if you have socks with a micron count lower than 20. That’s simply a good included advantage.

Merino wool socks are most likely the very best socks to avoid sweaty feet since:

They can take in a great deal of wetness (sweat) while still feeling dry, considering that the moist is kept inside the fiber hence obstructing microorganisms from eating the sweat. Apart from that, it likewise vaporizes sweat into the air.

Ultimately even Merino wool will be filled (it can take in about 35% of its own weight) and begin to feel damp; however, this takes a lot longer than cotton or typical wool.

Since of this strong wicking capability, Merino wool socks remain warm when damp.

Merino wool dries rapidly. You can take off your shoes to let your socks dry while not having to fret about the odor.
This unique kind of wool is naturally anti-bacterial. Its chemical makeup and structure make it the last location for germs and other bacteria.

It gets rid of the smell. And it does this well.

Popular brand names are SmartWool and Wigwam. They are understood for their trekking socks; however, these deal a terrific service for day-to-day wear. Some folks might utilize these socks throughout a marathon; however, we tend to sweat as much by simply walking to the grocery shop 2 streets down the block.

I suggest:

These fashionable Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Socks with a Coolmax wetness control system. These are most likely the very best you can get to keep your ultra sweaty feet dry.

Regardless of the advantages of wool socks, some individuals are conscious of wool.

If you do not wish to use socks, including wool, I‘d advise Wigwam At Work Durasole socks.

Here are some options. Kinds of socks that assist keep your feet dry and devoid of smell.

Liner Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Liner Socks
Liner Socks

They are used inside standard socks, made from unique products, and are developed to offer you increased convenience and particular advantages.


They are used inside plain socks, are made from unique products, and are created to offer you increased convenience and particular other benefits.

Artificial (polyester) sock liners (a.k.a liner socks) wick sweat far from your feet and keep it secured in the sock. Liner socks are used inside plain socks.

Thin artificial liners used together with wool mix external socks are a popular service for stinky feet. They provide convenience, keep your feet dry, and help reduce foot smell; however, avoid skin maceration.

Likewise, some brand names include extra defense versus foot smell by adding compounds that prevent the development of odor triggering germs. An example: ProtectGuard ® Anti-odour socks.

Anti-Bacterial Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet
Anti-Bacterial Socks

You may think about anti-bacterial socks. These are fertilized to exterminate the odor triggering germs. Lots of sock makers integrate innovations.

Coolmax Socks.

Coolmax Socks
Coolmax Socks

Coolmax socks are particularly created to move sweating far from the feet. These quality liner socks are constructs out of Coolmax, Nylon, Lycra, Spandex, and Durofil. They have various kinds of socks divided into daily usage and active usage.

A popular brand name that includes Coolmax innovation is Thorlo Experia socks. Some users even state it’s like there’s air conditioning in these socks.

Drymax Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Drymax Socks
Drymax Socks

Constructed olefin, polyester, elastane, and nylon, they are tailored to athletic efficiency and assistance and blister avoidance; however, keep your feet from sweating exceedingly.

The artificial olefin is likewise understood under the brand Coolmax.

Sweat pulls heat far from skin 23 times faster than air.

Under Armour Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Under Armour Socks
Under Armour Socks

Under Armour, socks are developed to wick wetness and speed up evaporation. Made from polyester, acrylic, and spandex, these socks repair the sweaty feet issue while others grumble about toughness.

Read also: The 12 Best Socks For Sweaty Feet.

Under Armour, socks are valued for their cushioning, assistance, and slip resistance. On the other hand, some kinds of UA socks do not appear to last that long, winding up with holes reasonably rapidly.

Because lots of Under Armour socks are not so long-lasting as they utilized to be or tend to shed a lot, they are not my preferred socks to assist minimize sweaty feet.

If you simulate this brand name, ensure to look at Under Armour’s well-reviewed and fashionable Heat Gear Trainer Crew socks.

Copper Sole Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Copper Sole Socks
Copper Sole Socks

In the past, I had those copper insoles in my shoes. Nowadays, there are socks with copper fibers too. The copper fibers are embeds in the yarn.

Aetrex Copper Sole socks, for instance, function copper threads that do not rinse and assist avoid foul-smelling feet by eliminating germs and fungi.

These socks even bring back collagen in your foot soles keeping them more flexible and healthy.

I believe I‘d instead return to utilizing copper insoles than using these socks. They appear a bit ‘gimmicky’ to me.

Bamboo Fiber Socks

best Socks For Sweaty Smelly Feet Bamboo Fiber Socks
Bamboo Fiber Socks

Bamboo fiber socks are environmentally friendly socks that are popular amongst individuals with diabetes, those with allergy-prone and delicate skin, and other groups.

These socks keep your feet warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season because of bamboo’s thermal managing residential or commercial properties.

They help in reducing foot smell because they are nearly four times more absorbent than cotton socks.

The bamboo plant itself is anti-bacterial. Whether the material, such as socks, is still not clear after the production cycle.

Scientists are looking into strengthening bamboo’s anti-bacterial homes by including extra anti-bacterial representatives.

The amazing soft and elegant sensation of bamboo fabrics is nevertheless indisputable.

Covert Threads Socks

Covert Threads Socks
Covert Threads Socks

Military socks, mainly created for severe environments and conditions. If you experience extremely sweaty feet, these socks might be for you. They make terrific gown socks too.

Covert Threads is simply among the number of military socks brand names.

Like most other brand names, these toned cushion socks are particularly developed for hot or incredibly cold environments.

The wool & acrylic blends keep feet dry and avoid blisters even when walking and sweating a lot. Other functions that help reduce foul-smelling feet are the infection avoiding silver lining, which is declared to disperse heat uniformly.


Tidy socks.

( Which is why I am no fan of liner socks. It’s an inconvenience enough to have to alter one set of socks throughout the day.).
Usage absorbent foot powder two times a day. I constantly wear tidy socks.

Wash your socks on the most popular cycle.

After cleaning, wash your socks in a diluted antibacterial option and let them dry in the air.
If essential, use the 2nd set of proper socks over the very first set for increased absorbency.
Moist conditions inside a shoe and the incorrect kind of socks promote sweaty feet.

Tidy, breathable shoes.

Make certain to use non-occlusive, breathable shoes. Leather, canvas, and mesh shoes are best, and athletic shoes or boots must be prevented. Use a various set of shoes on alternate days so that they can dry completely.

Take your shoes off whenever possible throughout the day. By doing this, your socks can dry, and your shoes can air out a little.
Trekking shoes such as Goretex are frequently breathable; some individuals still experience sweaty feet. If that’s the case for you, opt for non-waterproof boots without membrane.

Cleaning the footpads inside your shoes will assist battle the odor-triggering germs. Given that they eat sweat, make sure to clean them frequently. Absorbent insoles might support too.

If your shoes do not get the possibility to dry, utilize a shoe clothes dryer.
If you use boots a lot, think about buying a boot rack that lets you keep your boots upside down.

Last note.

If using the ideal socks in addition to other natural home remedies do not assist in treating your sweaty and stinky feet, visit your medical professional or a podiatric doctor.

They might recommend a more effective antiperspirant or recommend that you obtain iontophoresis treatment or botox injections in worst-case circumstances.

Top 5 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet Review in 2020

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