Nike Free 4.0 flyknit
Nike Free 4.0 flyknit

This Nike is a deceiving little bugger. The slipper-looking Flyknit sneaker is not nominal. Meaghan and I put some a long way on the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit and found this running footwear to become more sophisticated than its simple form.

I’m going to start out this review with a daring declaration: the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is the better Nike Free footwear I have ever before worn.

Writing that starting line is a major deal for me personally because the initial Nike Free 3.0 remains one of the best shoes ever. That boot was compact, ultra-flexible, ran silent, and experiences a sock-like higher that was about as next to perfection as a minor shoe top can get. My only grievance about the 3.0 v1 was that it was somewhat narrow. The brand new 4.0 Flyknit suits the initial 3.0 on all the positives; and increases on its insurance firms a much wider toebox. It’s a wonderfully good shoe.

Oddly enough, I almost offered using the Free 4.0 Flyknit. Weeks ago I purchased the new 2014 style of the Nike Free 5.0. I hated it. It got a tight group across the forefoot that dug into my pores and skin, and quite frankly it experienced and looked a little bit cheaply made. I wasn’t impressed and it returned to the store unworn. However, I’d read from some fellow sneaker geeks that the 4.0 would be the top winner on the list of 2014 Free models; therefore I put in the $100+ to buy some (MSRP is $120). This may be most of the times where Personally i think that the relatively high cost might be justifiable – I love the shoe much.

So what could it be which makes the Free 4.0 Flyknit so special? Well, just about the whole offer. The boot simply feels as though an expansion of my ft. It offers me everything I want, and next to nothing I don’t, that is certainly precisely what I’d like in a sneaker.

The Good

Thomas: The fit is suffering. Nike is absolutely getting the knit thing down. While working I never considered making any modifications, the top just disappeared. Aside from the great fit, I really like what sort of shoe looks, it’s very modern. This is my first will end up in a Nike Free of any sort. The segmented honeycomb midsole becomes custom-made to your ft.

When I got the Nikes off after having a few works I found the footwear was no flatter over the lower part, it became curved up at the bottom. Taking sides, the flex grooves let your foot dig set for some excellent traction. Up to now, thumbs through to the top of the style, midsole, and outsole, just what exactly about the weight? The Nike Free 4.0 weighed a scant 7.85 oz. for my size 10.5. That is merely light enough to offer that fast turnover mile after mile. The sneaker was soft through the stride and I could grab the rate without too much work.

Meaghan: The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is slipper-like running footwear. Inside the Nike Free lineup, this street to redemption right into the center (between your 3.0 [most little] and the 5.0 [more sneaker]). Top of the Free 4.0 Flyknit is a one-piece fine mesh that wraps surrounding the foot just like a glove. What’s nice concerning this structure is the stretchy fine mesh will fit virtually any foot type. The one structure on top of them is the Flywire technology which helps maintain the foot set up.

For all those not familiar, Flywire is actually a couple of strings that function like cords on a suspension system bridge to provide support. They execute a nice job of taking the pressure off the most notable of the feet where in fact the laces are ties. The midsole and outsole are just about one and the same. The midsole comprises of Phylite (a variety of Phylon and silicone), so it is light and versatile, but durable enough to do something as an outsole. Nike added some plastic pods on the external heal and below the big bottom, nonetheless, they aren’t very obvious. These shoes really offer you that minimalistic feel, with some nice added pillow. My favorite facet of this boot is the weight. My W7.5 came up in only under 6 0z. (5.95).


Thomas: The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit isn’t quite organizing enough for me personally to feel positive on goes over 13 mls.

Meaghan: Really the only complaint I’ve with these shoes is their insufficient structure. I used to be hesitant to get them for long works. While I believe they give enough padding for the marathon distance, I needs something better and stable fitted through top of them for my long training goes.

Upper Construction

Nike Free 4.0 flyknit
The Flyknit top of the Free 4.0 is minimally organized. No overlays, no heel counter-top, simply a stretchy woven fine mesh with a few Flywire rings on either part of the ribbons rows to lock the feet down. It feels as though a sock, and it hugs my feet in every one of the right ways. Not too small, not too loose. Just perfect. The heel and midfoot are snugged in firmly, and the forefoot starts up so the tight weave will not constrict or squash the toes. The complete top flexes and steps with the ft . in ways I’ve rarely experienced in running footwear.

The upper fine mesh is open up in the midfoot and forefoot to give some ventilation. Unlike the new Free 3.0 Flyknit, that i have heard will fit fairly securely, the 4.0 has a normal tongue; and I believe this enables for better customization of fit. I’ve run sockless in the shoes several times; and have experienced somewhat of abrasion using one run nearby the midfoot/arch (maybe in one of the Flywire rings?), but it has been inconsistent. May have just been a hot day with an increase of sweat resulting in chafe. No issues in any way while putting on socks (aspect take note – these shoes seem to be to carry a stink by using them sockless).

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit sole

Nike Free 4.0 flyknit sole

Sole Construction
Like the higher, the only real of the Free 4.0 Flyknit is very flexible and steps effectively with the ft .. The only real is typical of other Nike Free shoes in having specific pods segregated by profound grooves to increase flexibility. The disadvantage of the grooved bottom would be that the grooves do have a tendency to gather stones and pebbles, but it has hardly ever really bothered me in virtually any of the Frees. They’re easy enough to get out by firmly taking the footwear off and flexing the only real around after having a run.

A lot of the sole is open midsole cushion, which means you can barely notice your footfalls while operating in them – I really like a silent boot! The tradeoff to the design is that there surely is little outsole coverage – plastic pods are just present at the trunk outer heel and under the top toe. So, sole toughness is something to monitor if you have a tendency to be considered a scuffer. Oddly enough, my wear structure only appears to be from the anteriormost heel pod forwards through the midfoot – a lot more of any midfoot getting wear design than I have a tendency to observe generally in most other shoes that we run in.

You can view that after 40 kilometers I’ve earth down the protruding servings of the white pods immediately above and the right the 4.0 in the image below:

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit aspect sole

I’m pondering if the marginally round heel, curved lone, and overall flexibility of the sneaker have something regarding this more anterior wear routine?


I’ve truthfully found it certainly hard never to take these shoes out for almost all of my recent goes (although Saucony Kinvara 5 is providing them with a run your money can buy as current favorites). However, I’ve run just over 40 a long way in them up to now; with a maximum long haul of 14 kilometers. I’ve run from easy rate right down to 5K speed. They’ve did the trick well for almost everything. I’d haven’t any hesitation in taking them beyond 14 MLS within a run; I would even consider them for a marathon. They can be somewhat too versatile for my preference for acceleration or a 5K, and the only real grooves may possibly acquire too many particles for off-road use. Nevertheless’ they are adaptable enough to take care of almost anything else I possibly could put at them.

I’m really hard-pressed to create anything negative concerning this shoe – I believe the only concern I’ve got was with the actual fact that the scale label is stitched to the lower of the insole and I could have the stitching under my heel. It wasn’t bad with socks, but it was obvious when I proceed to go barefoot in them. It could be possible to slice the tag and take away the stitching, but I got lazy and simply swapped the insoles out for the same one from a mature couple of Free 5.0s.

Furthermore, to operating in them, I’ve also found the Free 4.0 Flyknit to be always a fantastic informal sneaker. I bought some in dark-colored since I love to have a few conventional-looking shoes for everyday wear, and I’m typically sockless in them while traveling. They are incredibly comfortable.


Thomas: This sneaker was an urgent treatment. I am virtually over nominal shoes at this time. My romance with them waned when i broke my feet some years back. I thought the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit would feel and journey like a little shoe. It generally does not. There is enough of midsole pillow and a good 6mm drop from heel to the bottom. I would suggest this boot for a runner that will keep the regular goes under 10 mls and desires crosstraining.

Meaghan: The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit was a good surprise. That is a shoe I’d compare to the Skora FIT (a sneaker I am not keen on) therefore i was stunned at how much I loved the miles. From the flexible, ultra-light shoe which has a really nice amount of padding. As for toughness concerns, I haven’t any. The Phylite outsole might not exactly be as durable as a sneaker covered in plastic; but it is also why is the footwear (for me). I wouldn’t recommend this boot as a day to day trainer; but if you are looking for something to include into the rotation (for the shorter, easy goes), I’d definitely recommend supplying these a chance.

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Nike Free 4.0 flyknit review

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