Shoes for walking and running for people with knee pain
Shoes running for people with knee pain

Knee pain is a common problem, especially if you walk much, climb a lot of stairs every day or jog and run on a daily basis.

Knee pain can be caused by many different factors such as wrong footwear; but also acute injuries, medical problems, strenuous activities, and other problems. Walking, running or training in shoes that do not fit your need and feet;

If you have some feet condition can be a big part of the problem.

Knee anatomy

kneepain for running shoes

The knee is a complex structure and one of the most stressed joints in the body.

Also, the knee is the largest joint and most vital for moving and very vulnerable to injury. Knee joins together the tight and shinbone and fibula with the knee cap.

The knee is a synovial joint so it contains a fluid-filled capsule. A direct blow to the knee is a serious injury and requires immediate medical attention.

The muscles in the leg are responsible for moving the join and are connected by tendons and the knee bones are connected by ligaments.

The surface of the bones is covered by articular cartilage that absorbs shock and smoothens the surface that results in an easier and smoother movement of the joint.

Right shoes for people that put their knees under the extra dose of stress while moving can feel a difference while wearing the proper shoes. Right shoes will absorb the impact that is caused by the foot strike and will help the stress of the knee to attenuate to pass on the cartilage.

Walking while having knee pain

Moving while having knee pain can be catchy, exercise can strengthen your knee and make your knees hurt less but it can also be painful to move even a bit and walking can be uncomfortable and cause inflammation in your knees.

If your knee pain is not caused by a big traumatic stress or injury regular walking can help, start slow with a small pace and increase time eventually, it will help to ease pain in your knees and help to rebuild the joints.

Joint in body, especially in your knees are shock absorbers in your body for traumas caused by walking and they can get damaged and worn out over the time and that will result in pain and stiffness and problems while moving.

Walking builds muscles and they take off a part of pressure from your joints that results in less knee pain and stronger legs.

Walking is in general easiest exercise that you can conduct at any time and you not even think about that like spending time at the gym or at the yoga studio.

knee problem

If you have knee problems; you should take walking on a short path, if you will feel better over time slowly advance in paces.

Walking will help with weight reduction and will result in pressure reduction. Also walking is good for stress level, clearing your mind and it will help you to concentrate.

Walking strengthens legs and rebuilds joints but that is not good for all the knee conditions.

If you feel unstable while walking stop your exercise. If your knee over some time becomes swollen; even more painful those are the signs to go and check it out at physician.

Right shoes for people with knee problems

There are a few factors that you can follow while buying shoes to choose the right pair for your feet and knee problems.

Cushioning is a big part of the shoe.

Cushioning is a system that makes ”mold” for the foot and secures it by reducing stress on the knee and allows to foot to move freely.

Rearfoot cushioning absorbs the impact on the foot, especially the heel strike.

Cushioning has the front part that reduces the shock on the foot and knee in the toe-off phase of walking.

Support for walking

Shoes must support feet in the right way, that is the big part of walking properly, reducing feet and leg stress and also the pain in the whole body.

Right shoes support arches and heel and they force the body to get in posture and also to center the body correctly.

Support will make the body to distribute body weight evenly on the foot.

Supination and Overpronation

Before buying new shoes, you should determine do your feet fall under some kind of condition like supination or overpronation.

If you don’t have doctors’ diagnosis take your old shoes and determine do you have one of those two conditions. Also, if soles of your shoes are more worn on the inner side; that is the sign that your foot rolls inwards and those are signs of overpronation.

If your shoes are more worn out on the outer side; that means your foot rolls outwards and those are signs of the under pronation, in other words, supination.


Soles make big difference in transfer shock trough the leg, especially the knees.

Firm midsoles reduce the shock from walking and pressure that is made by that on the knee that causes pain, sometimes even injuries and damage of the knee depending on the terrain, shoes, walking speed and some other factors.

Woman shoes, high heels

Statistics have shown that high heels take a big percentage like one of the main causes of knee pain for the woman.

When a woman is wearing heels, the whole body posture is different align and is not in the normal balance.

Whole-body, specially legs are under the big pressure.

If we compare women wearing flat shoes with high heels, the level of stress on your knees is 23 percent higher when wearing high heels.

Knee pain – walking shoes

On the market you can find therapeutic orthopedic walking shoes that help to reduce pain, they provide pain relief for a list of conditions, like Plantar fasciitis that is knee and back pain. In this section, we must mention Orthofeet Sprint and Coral shoes.

These shoes come with a premium quality orthotic insole that gives your arches anatomically made support and cushioned heel pad that reduces stress.

Air cushioning system is a light weighted sole that is modern technology – biomechanically engineered to alleviate stress on the limbs and joints. Those shoes are nonbinding, has an extra depth design and soft uppers.

Mentioned pairs of shoes enhance stability and posture and facilitate correct motions.

Bad knees – walking shoes

If you are looking for casual; everyday shoes that will help you reduce pain and are comfy, durable and supportive look for Brooks Addiction Walker walking shoes.

These shoes are lightweight and durable; made with Hydro Flow technology that provides an extra layer of cushioning for great shock absorption.

Midsoles are from Mogo and they also carry reducing shock elements and make shoes more comfortable.

PDRB triple-density post is in the medial side of the shoe and with the S 257 Cushsole makes them durable and efficient midsole compound that is quality insole shoe board.

The outsole of the shoe is made of synthetic materials that make great support and a good firm grip. Uppers of the shoes are designed in casual style for everyday needs.

They are made of soft grain leather that is durable, quality and lightweight material that will last long.

These shoes are casual and every day, wearing comes in different color style options to suit everyone’s needs.

Painful knee – running shoes

DR Comfort Running

You love running but your knees are not optimistic like you about that?

Try on DR Comfort Running shoe that is orthopedic and guarantees you stamina and durability but also comfort and good design.

These shoes are made of mesh and breathable leather and come in great design that is comfortable. Light-weighted shoes that come with Gel insert for extra support.

Overpronation and bad knees running shoes

Gel Kayano

Extra conditions need extra care, overproantion and bad knees can affect the whole body and make walking, running and training painful.

Gel Kayano shoes from Asics are shoes that are constructed for these feet conditions but are extremely sleek and trendy.

They have fluid fit uppers and seamless construction that gives you unsurpassed performance and extra comfort while wearing.

Comfort sock liner moderate overpronation and gives you comfort while walking.

They are designed in textured rubber that gives you a good grip while mesh overlays make them breathable.

These are casual everyday shoes for runners. Insole in these shoes is removable so you can add your own orthotics if you need them for your over pronation.

Fluidride midsoles with the Fluidfit uppers improve the flexibility of the shoes while the heel clutch stabilizes leg in a comfortable way.

These everyday running shoes come in various designs and color schemes.

Supination and knee pain – shoes

New Balance 1540 Shoes for walking and running for people with knee pain
New Balance 1540

Supination can cause pain in feet and in combination with knee pain can make a lot of discomfort for some normal actions like going to the grocery store that is why you need comfortable and breathable shoes like the New Balance 1540 that are innovative shoes that relieve pain and reduces discomfort.

Soft mesh lessens joint inflammation and enables free toe movement that is a crucial element in preventing bunions.

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