Brooks Ravenna 6 Review

We often get many questions around which kind of shoe the Brooks Ravenna is – and yes, from the confusing one.

The Brooks Ravenna is categorized as an Assistance shoe – the ‘just right’ amount of steadiness and padding for natural to minor overpronators.

A direction shoe sits between your Balance and Cushioned Categories waiting for you.

We swept up with Adam, our training director, to overview the latest Brooks Ravenna 6.

Adam started working socially a couple of years ago and is constantly working on getting distance goals and increasing his average tempo.

He’s currently using the Brooks Ravenna 6 for 4 runs weekly.

Best for men Brooks Ravenna 6 Review

Brooks Ravenna 6 for men
Brooks Ravenna 6


Brooks Ravenna 6 for men
Brooks Ravenna 6

Best for women


Suitable for: Natural or Mild Overpronators – Athletes that need simply a minor amount of support through the midfoot while running
Matches: True to Size

Best for: Jogging/Walking specifically for longer distances

Best Feature of the Brooks Ravenna 6: The midfoot saddle made into the upper provides the foot an extremely secure feeling when I’m running.

Other top features:

The Brooks DNA midsole’s padding – it’s fantastic to absorb the distress on longer training works and provides me a far more comfortable ride.
The ‘just right’ combo of stableness and padding – These shoes thought excellent from the first run. As my distance increased, I could feel the padding and cushion working dynamically with the middle feet saddle support.

Things to watch out for:

Using the Ravenna 6 higher fitting snugly, it is critical to find the laces correct to provide comfort. Usually, you can suffer from ‘hotspots’ (burning up or massaging certain theft elements.).

If you are getting hotspots and have a snug installing higher, try one of our own lacing techniques.

Adam’s summation on the Brooks Ravenna 6: I’ve run in supportive shoes and much more padded shoes and found the Ravenna truly to be ‘just right – from the great middle earth for my feet.

I can believe that the Ravenna helps my ft. more than other shoes I’ve run in out of this category too.

Overall the Brooks Ravenna 6 is an extremely nice shoe. After the shoe is worn in, the padding molds to theft. The fit feels nice and secure with support all over the shoe; the midsole support also helps give comfort and security to my distance works.

I would turn this shoe with a light-weight option for swiftness work and reach a period goal; however, the Ravenna is my go-to training shoe.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 is an Advice fit, area of the wider Brooks Working range – available in every store now.


A dependable mixture of balance and cushioning
Modified midsole saddle for added stability
Recently designed mesh top and overlays
Sound daily trainer in a position to deliver quick transitions or high mileage
Retained the kept up to date padding design from earlier version



The Brooks Ravenna 6 is a good daily trainer that preserves a sufficient mixture of stability and padding while delivering a far more secure fit.

The shoe keeps the Brooks BioMoGo DNA foam that was launched in the Ravenna 5 as the improvements to the Ravenna 6 are located generally within design revisions to the top of the new mid-sole saddle and heel scruff of the neck, which gives a more steady and comfortable fit while providing for an even soft transition.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Exclusive Info

There were few changes to the only real device of the Brooks Ravenna 6. I got glad to notice that the shoe placed lots of the major enhancements built-into the Ravenna 5 was designed for a great working experience.

Often companies make an effort to innovate and change when something works for a shoe, but that had not been the situation with Brooks and the Ravenna 6.

There are plenty of parts of the only real unit that continue to be intact and reasonable. They functioned well for the shoe and were comfortable for the athletes.

The main element design changes from the previous version that have been transported over allow the Ravenna 6 to keep up that fine balance between stableness and cushioning.

The main parts of the shoes, which continues to be unchanged; will be the built-in BioMoGo DNA midsole that allows for a smoother trip; the Diagonal Rollbar to aid with control pronation combined with the Caterpillar Crash Pad and Omega Flex Grooves; which enable more overall flexibility and padding while providing more responsiveness feel through the foot strike.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Exclusive Info
Brooks Ravenna 6 Exclusive Info

The Caterpillar Crash Pad and new Omega Flex Grooves, which run from the midsole to heel, increase; responsiveness and overall flexibility throughout the ft. strike, enabling an easy and light transition.

The Ravenna 6 includes an average heel-to-toe drop of 10 mm, comparable to the prior model and much like other shoes in its same category.

The building of the only real unit is intended to take care of any daily trainer’s high requirements while providing the runner enough control and comfort when needed.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Upper Info

The top kept up to date in the Ravenna 5 and has gone through small changes in the Ravenna 6. The top is where not only can you “see” but “feel” the modified enhancements.

The revisions make this season aren’t significant but are seen by looking at the shoe directly from the box and lead to a far more secure and sound fit while providing higher control.

The top of the is made up of Element Mesh, which allows for an increase in breathability and helping with water wicking.

One of the most obvious changes to the Ravenna 6 top will be the overlays and fine mesh, modified to increase stableness and comfort.

The overlays are a newly-designed skinny, clear plastic material strategically positioned across the forefoot to the midsole area, which increases the stability. The top is modest compared to a great many other models but offers a company fit and cozy ride.

The Ravenna 6 places the Adaptable Saddle, which wraps the midsole of the feet. The saddle attaches from the midsole to the heel, guaranteed to the only real product in the condition of any inverted “V” and can be custom-made for every single runner via the laces to include more stability throughout a run.

An improvement to the Ravenna 6 this season was a far more rounded heel training collar, which also put into the balance by keeping the heel securely “locked” set up.

The top changes include changing the fine mesh material, leaner overlays, upgrading the variable midsole saddle combined with the secure heel scruff of the neck, Brooks Ravenna 6 did all to increase stableness control.

From the first time I place the shoe on, I could “feel” the positive changes to the top. Also, I discovered them simply by the little changes I could see in the materials, but once I ran in the shoe; It ships additional control as my ft . was better and comfortable.

I still had the capability to personalize the “feel” of the shoe to my jogging style and my ft. This is important because the adjustable saddle combines with the new crash pad, which flexes to each running style.

Brooks Ravenna 6 Conclusions

The Brooks Ravenna 6 is still a compact; daily trainer includes a nice mixture of stability and padding, enabling quick transitions or dependability for high mileage works.

The Ravenna 6 is constantly on the provide security and a simple ride through the complete foot strike.

As the stating goes, “if it’s not broke, don’t correct it.” The Ravenna 6 made improvements to the top of the but maintained the full-length Segmented Crash Pad, the BioMoGo DNA in the midsole, and the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, all of which donate to the solid combo of steadiness and padding that athletes look for throughout their operating stride.

The kept up to date heel back of the shirt provides even more coverage and security for theft. It locks it set up through the run without having to be too restrictive.

Top of the in the Ravenna 6 has been up to date yet; Brooks didn’t change the prior version’s integrity.

Brooks Ravenna 6 tweaked the top with a somewhat new design which adds more comfort and control but is constantly on the has slender overlays that sit on the new breathable, water-wicking mesh.

The adaptable midsole saddle continues to be present. Nonetheless, it provides for a far more custom-made and personal fit. All of the improvements with the new Ravenna 6 allowed the shoe to provide a secure fit plus a quick and reliable transition through the foot strike.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 is a shoe that offers that exceptional blend of steadiness and cushioning, rendering it a solid each day trainer.

The shoe performed well on brief. Fast tempo operates as well for higher mileage training works.

The Ravenna 6 was created to be mainly a day-to-day training and highway shoe.

For all those athletes who are buying a shoe designed for mixed types of goes, the Ravenna 6 is someone to consider.

In conclusion, we give thanks to Brooks’s nice people for emailing us a set of Ravenna 6 to check.

This didn’t influence the review results, written after working more than 50 kilometers in them.
Little weight increase

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