brooks elmn8 v4 spike shoe unisex track blackgoldwhite
brooks elmn8 v4 spike shoe unisex track blackgoldwhite

Thanks to the top carbon fiber plate and snappy outsole plate, these shoe spikes have an amazing springy feeling at a faster pace. The forefoot is ready to rip.

Carbon’s fiber strength to weight label and capability to bend and rebound are very noticeable in this sneaker.

Features Brooks ELMN8 V4 Shoe Spikes

The shoe plate has been updated to cover the entire forefoot, with additional ridges and cutouts to save weight. Compared to the old variant, the upper part is where this shines.

The V5 upgraded to the wonderfully delicate woven fabric Brooks has utilized in boots like Hyperion with the best success. It permits the upper to be highly thin but gives excellent strength and is locked in super support without further reinforcements.

It is a sort of shoe we’d have worn without socks back in college or university. We noticed during our testing the shoe runs slightly narrow or long, but none of the reviewers reported any discomfort and pinching.

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When it comes to Brooks ELMN8 V4 Shoe Spikes, these are ideal for 400m to the 2000m events, so mid-distance athletes will surely love these.


If you wish for a lightweight pair of racing sneakers, then these are best – so if you want to make sure you have a pair of shoes that do not much weigh you down, then Brooks ELMN8 V4 Shoe Spikes are the best way to go.

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These shoe spikes are made of extremely lightweight material. Their woven air upper of the shoe makes sure they are genuinely breathable as well – so your feet keep well vandalized no matter how it’s outside.

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This variant is newer, so it’s a more costly option than most other variants. Ensure to consider your budget plan before getting these shoes.


  • Breathable
  • Supremely lightweight
  • Secure fit


  • Costly

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Brooks ELMN8 v4 Spike Shoe - Unisex Track Black/Gold/White

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as of September 24, 2023 23:14

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