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Shoes for supination runner

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Supinator runner

Supinator runner

Supination – during normal gait immediately before ‘take-off’ from the toes, the ankle tends to angle outwards and the foot is supported briefly on its outer side. Oversupination can cause the ankle to roll over towards the outer side, with possible ligament damage.

Supination or underpronation is a foot position issue usually stemming from having high arches. That is insufficient inward rolling of the foot after landing on the ground during walking or running gait. When the stride is normal, feet slightly roll inward and sit evenly on the heel and the whole body weight is on the ball of the foot and then is weight pushed of from toes.

Outer edge of the foot has extra stress placed on itself, mainly on the last two little toes, pinky and the second one to him and that can cause problems for persons that perform high impact sports, specially for runners.

Supination might be caused by inherited high arches on the feet. Imbalance in the lower leg, around the muscles and wrong type of footwear and prior injuries can lead to supination.


Supinator runner

Supination can lead to a lot of medical problems such as: knee pain, ankle sprains, swelling of ankle or foot, lower back pain, plantar fascitis, inflammation of the sole, calluses, hammertoes and clawed toes, bunions on the outer edge of the foot and shin splints.

Outside of the heel of your foot strikes to the ground first. Foot does not adequately roll inward after hitting the ground, and the force of the impact stays in one place, on the particular region of the foot.

Calf muscles are usually tight and tends to reinforce the movement pattern that is caused by the foot condition, underpronation. As a result of the supination, plantar fasciitis happens, that is common overuse injury and appears as sharp pain on the arches of the foot or in the heel.

Supination and running

Strength training is best possible way to alleviate negative effects of the supination condition of the foot. Strength training will prevent injuries and increase muscle strength all the way kinetic chain in your body.

Training focus should be on the ankles, feet and hips to strength them all for the better body posture, stable foot grip and to help body to feel less of the supination effects. Inner calf muscles, specially gastrocnemius that will help reassert muscular imbalance and provide stability to your gait.

Some of the best exercises for the supination condition: lunges, calf raises, crab crawls, squats.

Stretching part of the sports activity will help in injury prevention for people with supination problem. Full range of motion ability is very important in injury prevention. Flexible muscles are able to move efficiently and perform without being overstretched. Regularly stretching of the shins, calves, ankles and Achilles will help reducing the tension that can contribute to the supination condition of the foot.

Stretching exercise for supination: toe touch, quadriceps stretching, leg raises, lifted toe step.

Running form that is proper for supination

Running form that is proper for supination

Running technique is very important, it is vital to opt for proper running techniques to address excessive underpronation.

Proper running technique guidelines:

landing must be light and soft on the feet, and hitting the ground must be close on the midfoot as close as possible instead on the heel. Try to stay light on your feet, and try not to pound your feet hard to the ground. Imagine that you are running on the soft surface that can be broken for softer landing. Improve your running cadence with shortening your stride.

Good shoes support the arch and soft tissues of the foot, which help protect the foot from injury. This is especially true when walking on hard and flat surfaces. The wrong type of shoe — such as rigid or tight shoes — can lead to supination and other foot problems. Also, wearing shoes that are worn out or have no arch support causes supination. Ways to treat or prevent excessive supination include wearing proper shoes.

Shoes for supination runner

Cushioning is main part of the shoe for supinators, high and concave arches need extra layer of cushioning and cushioned midsole that will give your leg maximum support. Straighter instep shape controls inward motion specially if you get personalized orthotics and insoles.

If you add lateral heel wedges they will stabilize your heel and keep your foot from rolling in and out.  When you wear correct shoe for your feet problem that helps in reducing pain, risk of injuries and making damage on the other parts of your body and also does positive effect on your body balance and posture. Choose shoes without motion control system, medial support posts and hard midsoles and all the other stabilizing systems and features.

Keep on mind to measure your feet, length and width but also depth so you can buy ones that fit you best. When trying new shoes wear sport socks you wear when you run for best fit. Time for shopping is also important, buy your shoes at the end of the day when your feet are tired and swollen, never buy ones that are tight – they will not stretch over time. Choose shoes with curved lasts, they encourage normal pronation and keep your feet in place.

Running shoes must have cushioning to counteract the impact of supination that hurts your feet. Purchase shoes in the evening hours when your feet are at it’s biggest.

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