ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe Review
ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe Review

The ASICS GT-2000 4 is a trainer that is merely perfect for the faster runner requiring a shoe for shakeouts, and the runner hoping something light that is employed to the more substantial models out there. It provides superb padding and a smooth ride.



This shoe is suitable for marathon runners, largely on the newbie to intermediate level. Perfect for the faster runner looking a shoe for shakeouts or someone that can be used to using something more massive hoping something lighter

I first began running in these shoes years back when these were the GT 2170. Also, I had been wearing only the heavy workhorse Kayanos and wanted something lighter but wishes to stay faithful to ASICS.

I love to consider myself a faster runner, but I am still over 200 pounds; therefore, I need something that wouldn’t be too light and eliminate my legs.

When ASICS decided to revamp the shoe and rename it to the GT 2000, I found some and was still a supporter.

I was beginning to get faster and less dense, though; therefore, I stepped from this line when I need something lighter and wasn’t as hard on my pumps.

Now, returning to the shoe, I had fashioned a concept of what things to expect but didn’t have great first impressions. As the shoe gets much lighter and is more luminous than the previous time I ran in it, it still sensed very lunky initially.

My natural stride in them was much too gradual, and I proceed to press myself to access where I need even for a shakeout rate.

It needed about 30-40 mls before the shoe broke set for me. This is not bad, but it generally does not typically take me this long to obtain a full feel for a shoe.

Tempos and fartleks were doable because of the adaptive singular, but I had been working doubly hard. Not worthwhile with these shoes.

What they do the best for me personally were shakeouts after a stressful day before and great works at a leisurely pace. Among my last goes before writing this is an extended 17 miler, and it was the best run I had formed in this shoe.

I was in charge and the padding allows me to recuperate incredibly fast. The very next day, I did so a shakeout, which helped me retrieve even quickly.

Asics GT-2000 4 Standard Info

This is the 4th incarnation of the GT-2000 series, which is a line that increased from the ashes of 2019. In ASICS’ solid line of balance shoes, this rests right below the expensive flagship kayanos.

My first impression was admittedly not ideal for plastic reasons. The colorway I analyzed was the blue and weird ones, plus they didn’t pop out if you ask me. It appeared as if a shoe from 5 or 6 years back.

This is simply on my style tastes, so take that as you will. Luckily, ASICS offers several colors because of this shoe.

When I first laced them up, while very comfortable, the shoe experienced very heavy and constricted when it came up time to perform. I cherished the lacing system. Nevertheless, they didn’t feel flexible by any means to me.

I needed to force myself to keep my tempo to where I needed. After they were crack in, my view transforms, but this requires a great deal of time.

Asics GT-2000 4 Sole Unit


Anything that ASICS has been known for will there is in the only real. You may have your gel on the external heel for absorbing surprise.

The FluidRide midsole, which is a portion of hard clear plastic that is light and increases the overall ride, will there be as well. The direction series provides superb control.

I loved the traction force the most. Within my runs, in bad weather, I never noticed like I used to be getting rid of control. Even toward the finish of my trials, the treading was still superior.

All the tech in the only real unit mixed provided an adaptive drive based on the type of workout I got doing. My long goes and easy shakeouts experienced me stunning on the heel to midfoot and then moving off on your golf ball of my feet.

My tempo operates, without as fast as I hoped, allowed for me to punch on the midfoot to a ball of my feet.

Asics GT-2000 4 Upper Info

A number of the models that Asics have been forcing out lately experienced questionable materials in them. Two good exemplary cases of this will be the DS instructors with seamless materials that dropped apart much too quickly and the Kayano who’s meshing much also padded.

The materials on top of the part is a dense layer of fine mesh over an extremely breathable sock liner. It sensed incredibly sharp, and I never noticed as it would rip.

Be warned that it can make it feel amazingly tight initially and make it feel just like it is too small. Following a few words, this will recede.

The heel comes with an external exoskeleton of hard clear plastic that offered me the sensation of looking into the heel. ASICS has genuinely perfected this over your competition, which is something I usually anticipate in this brand.

The lacing system was the best area of the shoe. ASICS stimulates impartial lacing, which allowed me to connect the shoe just how I wanted without the issues.

I generally have an issue with just how I ribbon up my shoes, where they are either too small and take off circulation or I think like I’m falling out in clumps of the shoe. This is the right touch.

Asics GT-2000 4 Conclusions

The important thing, if you are a runner that is employed to being in shoes that are faster, this isn’t going to be always a rushing shoe for you. The fit was great, but I did so not need full activity, which took from my overall experience.

I used to be running in Saucony Mirages and ASICS tri Noosas getting into this so that it was an enormous change for me. This may still have a location in my rotation for shakeouts and restoration runs, though.

If you’re on the bigger side that is running in balance+ shoes like Kayanos or Brooks’ flagship Adrenaline GTS, this is a great shoe that is lighter but gives a lot of support. A terrific way to transition from the mega heavy shoes out there.

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